About Us

MAB Group

MOES is part of the MAB group which has 13 subsidiaries and spread over 7 countries.We are evolving into one of the fastest growing industry specific services companies in the region. Headquartered in Dubai, the land of opportunities and an emerging super power in the world of business, MAB has grown leaps and bounds commanding the attention of clients in various fields.

The MAB Group sees its roots going back to the mid-90s Dubai, where a group of visionary individuals predicted rapid changes and invested their time and energy into creating seamless integrated solutions and systems. We started off with a small team working multiple jobs and shifts, to now being present in various industries and locations across the world. As an organization, we believe in the philosophy that a job well done is not enough; customer service, attention to minute details and good links with our partners is what has, in reality, helped us grow.

MAB Oilfield Engineering Services (MOES)

MOES focuses on serving the regional markets of Middle East & North Africa in a variety of oilfield related products and services. Our highly skilled team of experts has the necessary local and international experience to deliver high-quality products and efficient services that are best in-class. We use the latest equipment at our facilities and are the trusted supplier to several international oil companies and operators.

Quality, integrity and safety

The cost-effective production of energy is vital to the development and success of the world's econo- mies. We aim to help energy producers work more efficiently through the delivery of high-quality equipment and services.

Our Vision

To be the best-in-class global provider of Oil Field Equipment with profitable growth through innova- tion, ne product development, continuous improvement, acquisition and brand building.

Our Mission

To be the partner of choice to the world’s leading oil companies and operators andprovide a wide range of products and services that enhance value to our customers' operations with an emphasis onquality, integrity and safe operations.