Steam Heat Exchanger

Raising the temperature of the well effluent to prevent hydrate formation, assists in the reduction of viscosity in heavy oil applications, and helps break down emulsions. Automatic temperature control as an integral part of the design and Improves separation of oil/water emulsions

  • Coil Working Pressure
  • Heat Transfer Capacity
  • Design & Certification
  • Service
  • Skid/ Frame
  • : Up to 15000psi
  • : 4mm Btu/Hr
  • : ASME VIII, Div-1, ASME B 31.3, API 6A PSL3, NACE MR0175, DNV 2.7-1, CE / PED
  • : H2S
  • : 20’ DNV/CSC with slings and shackles.